Advanced Computer Aided Design

Specialists in Stainless Steels, Inconels, Other Nickel Alloys and High Carbon Wire

State of the Art Manufacturing

Stringent Quaity Control

Prototype/Emergency Service

Complete Certification

Comprehensive Raw Material Inventory

Competitive Pricing

Emergency Breakdown Response

Short Run and Prototype Service from .010 to 2.00 bar

Production Service from .010 to .625

Speciality Springs

We are experts when it comes to designing and producing springs that can withstand the most demanding of conditions. Our computer aided design, quality control, certification, and emergency breakdown response makes us the best in the field. There are many different uses and types of springs. Our specialty springs are designed to meet all of our customers needs no matter the application.
Some specialty spring applications include:

  • chaise lounges
  • screen doors
  • trampolines
  • porch swings
  • wood stoves
  • tape measures
Extension Springs